Varied And Safe Material Handling

Diversity And Reliability

At Trucks and Trolleys Direct we stock a wide variety of different types of material handling equipment, from the light and manoeuvrable to the industrial options designed to shift heavy loads as safely as possible. Each is made with all of the due care and attention that will foster complete peace of mind. As a business, we understand that you have a duty to your employees to keep them safe. This extends to equipment which must be up to the challenge presented by your daily business operations, whatever they may be. We do everything to ensure that our products are easy to maintain as well as being reliable so you can always ensure complete safety.

Industrial Strength

Our dollies are great for handling very heavy weights of up to quarter of a ton (250 kilograms). They are built with 4 swivel castors that can keep the item stable while it is being transported. The bar is also sturdy and will provide ease of control while transporting. The obvious safety measures will apply however, such as not using equipment like this to move heavy items up or down a ramp. With no other means to hold the item in place, the Euro Container Dolly will not stop the item from falling off. Hand trolleys like this should only really be used in flat warehouses, unless they have some of the provisions to keep the heavy item in place.

If you are looking for truly industrial levels of then you have to go for a two way cargo trucks that are specially designed for it. Making the leap from quarter of a ton to an entire ton is quite large and it generally requires some mechanical help. Our manual and electric stackers are just the solution, being capable of handling up to an entire ton. This means being able to lift the object as well to a height of between 1600 mm and 2500 mm, depending on the model and your requirements. Again, items like this are built with safety in mind and come with straddle legs and adjustable forks to ensure that your truck adapts to the job at hand.

Lighter Weight Options

We also have light weight options which can take a wide variety of different items, bulky or not. What they are not constructed for is taking heavy loads. If you want a more flexible option, our shelf trolleys will also adapt, with our electro galvanised finish trolleys being able to hold a wide variety of objects up to a weight of 250 kilograms.

With all of these options on offer and being incredibly reliable, it is no wonder many companies choose us to service all of their physical handling requirements.

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Electric And Hand Powered Trucks

Varied Pallet Trucks

At Trucks And Trolleys Direct we have every pallet solution you could need for your warehouse. With both manual and powered solutions, you are sure to find something that fits your needs and requirements. Each one has been constructed to handle excessive amounts of weight while also being safe and easy to use – particularly if they are hand operated. The powered solutions range from those that are entirely powered to those that are semi-electric and represent a more affordable solution, although you will have to carefully consider what applications it will be used for.

Hand Powered

Hand operated pallet trucks can carry some extreme loads, but they offer nothing in the way of powered lifting capability. As such, they are considerably cheaper than powered options and will often come in at less than £300. Some are capable of holding up to 2500 kilograms, which can vastly increase the scope of the device but it does come with extra safety considerations since you could be moving up to 2.5 tons. All of your employees should be aware of safety precautions as well as the maintenance of the device. The lift height is between 85 mm and 200 mm while the width over forks extends between 450, 540 and 680 mm. Make no mistake, however, this truck is certainly heavy duty and is designed to deal with the loads specified.


Semi electric options are a great investment if you are aiming for increased efficiency without necessarily footing the cost of fully powered electric pallet trucks. A semi-powered option can also reduce the possibility of injury because it will reduce the need to pull heavy loads. They are also built to be simple to operate and maintain, requiring only the minimum of checks when required. They are also very quiet while also offering fantastic manoeuvrability with 180° steering. Weight options including 1 ton or 1.5 ton and come in two different size options.

Full Power

A fully powered pallet stacker is the most expensive option but they can increase productivity and end up paying for themselves over time. They have a multitude of different warehouse and loading applications and can generally make life a lot easier for the operator. The battery life is a concern, however, but our options will give you between 2-3 hours for the 1300 kg cap. variety while the 2000 kg cap. offers between 6 and 8 hours, depending on loads and usage. The lift height is between 85 mm and 205 mm while the widths are 540 mm and 680 mm. The length of the forks are much more varied than other models, which can take some thought on your behalf. The 1300kg model has lengths of 1000 or 1150 mm while the 2000 kg model allows for only 1150 lengths. The 680 mm forks are designed for suitable use with GKN pallets. These varieties can also be used in concert with a vehicle with tail lift. Charging the device is easy as well as is overall maintenance.

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Adaptable Material Handling Solutions

Strong But Gentle

Luggage is not easy to transport: it can be heavy and it can also be very fragile. Therefore when buying a luggage carrier, it can take some consideration so your solution doesn’t end up causing damage to what could be other people’s personal belongings. At Trust and Trolleys Direct, we have a great solution in the form of our Aluminium 2 in 1 Luggage Handtruck which is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The high handle enables the operator to have full control over the luggage trolley while the thick tyres at the rear give complete stability and strength. They also have considerable grip, so this trolley won’t be slipping around on hard, reflective floors. The casters at the front are heavy duty, but are built to allow for easy turning.


The great aspect of this truck is that it can be converted easily, which is why it is called a 2 in 1 truck. It can be converted very quickly into a platform truck which can also take a weight of 200 kilograms. This makes it great for areas where luggage may need to be transported, but the devices might also be required to perform other operations such as lifting heavier single objects. If you have taller objects to move it can provide more stability in its secondary handling form.

Even Greater Adaptability

Our material handling trucks can offer even more versatility than this, with our 3 in 1 Aluminium truck which can perform as a traditional handtruck, a tilting truck or a platform truck. The ingenious design will allow you to alter its application in a matter of minutes, all offering up to 150 kilograms of capacity. As with every truck, it is important to be mindful of the weight and how it is being apportioned. The large pneumatic tyres are designed to provide strength and reliability, even when faced with ground that is considerably uneven. However, if things get too bumpy or unreliable, then it is always best to use one’s own judgement and seek other options. Taking care on ramps, in particular, is an important safety consideration which can help users to avoid damage to both themselves and the product they are trying to move.

Adaptability In More Ways Than One

Being versatile doesn’t just mean being able to adapt to different types of items that may need to be moved. It can also mean storage-wise, which is where our Compact Folding Handtrucks come in. They are lightweight, made of aluminium but come with an back that extends when necessary as well as a folding footplate. This makes them the perfect option for vehicle storage, where they can easily be laid flat in the boot and taken out when needed. They can handle a surprising amount of weight too, from 50 kilograms all the way up to 200 kilograms. It can be used as a handy luggage trolley in the back of a vehicle, for instance, moving 1 suitcase easily. Alternatively, many of these can be placed in a storeroom so as to save precious storage space.

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